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Since its inception in 2000, The World Private Chef has been known for its genuine commitment to customer satisfaction. This standard of excellence has allowed us to grow to where we are today.

Our customers are the most important thing to us and for them we have exceptional services and products. Contact us to learn more about what we offer.


The World Private Chef is a worldwide elite agency that carefully selects chefs under strict professional control. Our selection criteria include professionalism, experience, attitude, culinary creativity, time management skills, ability to adapt to diverse dietary needs and knowledge of the latest culinary trends. With your unique lifestyle and culinary preferences in mind, The World Private Chef will meet your private chef requirements with complete confidentiality and discretion guaranteed.

Since our founding in 2018, The World Private Chef has placed chefs in homes across the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We represent over 1000 top chefs worldwide.

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